"US-China Cooperation in Development of Logistics Talent Forum" was successfully held

On April 2nd, the ˇ°US-China Cooperation in Development of Logistics Talent Forumˇ± was successfully held at Best Western New Century Hotel Shanghai. Many Industry professionals attended to hear presentations from the expert panel and discuss the current state of logistics talent in China and US.

The panel provided valuable advice to the young people who are just starting out in the logistics industry and stressed the point that there are many areas where the US companies can contribute to the development of Chinese logistics talent, but these programs must be tailored for the Chinese market.

Laurie Denham, Executive Director, American Society of Transportation and Logistics provided updates on programs in the US and China to train logistics professionals. Jack Gross, Vice President, Schneider Logistics spoke about the great need for Chinese logistics managers for 3PL companies as the industry develops. Jack also emphasized the need for a global standard for logistics so industry professionals from around the world can be trained to a common standard. Kevin Yuan, Managing Director, S&W International Chemical Logistics Ltd gave an example of how training to an international standard that has brought his company additional business from large multi-national shipping companies. Chung Tam, Chief Representative, American Society of Transportation and Logistics spoke about ASTL is developing 3 levels of logistics training programs to meet the needs of the Chinese industry.


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