Membership Programs

Membership Benefits

  1. Receive special member discounts at ASTL events including;
    • Discounts for member meetings, workshops and conferences.
    • Discounts on registration for "Sino-American Logistics Conference"
    • Save US$200 on registration for National Industrial Transportation League's Annual Meeting and Transcomp exhibition held in the U.S.
    • Receive discounts at events organized by ASTL affiliates.

  2. Receive preferential registration for ASTL professional certification programs.

  3. Receive electronic copies of TRANSPORTATION JOURNAL (SSCI). The TRANSPORTATION JOURNAL is published quarterly by ASTL  (valued at US$135), and is devoted to the publication of articles that present new knowledge relating to all sectors of the supply chain/logistics/transportation field.

  4. Gain access to the members only membership directory to contact other AST&L members worldwide.

  5. Leverage ASTL's worldwide network of transportation and logistics practitioners and educators.
ASTL-China reserves the right of final interpretation.

Membership Categories

Certified Membership           Have successfully completed the CTL Certification Program and demonstrated their comprehensive knowledge of the field of transportation/logistics/supply chain management. These individuals may use the designation of Certified in Transportation and Logistics (CTL) just as similar recognitions are employed in accounting, medicine, etc.

Associate Membership         Employed in or have worked in transportation/logistics/supply chain management.

Educator Membership          This membership category is for full-time educators who possess a terminal degree.

Student Membership            This membership category is designed for full-time university students.

Membership Fees

Residents in Mainland China Residents in Hong Kong

  Residents in Mainland China Residents in Hong Kong
Certified Membership  700RMB/year  1350HKD/year
Associate Membership  550RMB/year 1120HKD/year
Educator Membership  400RMB/year  580HKD/year
Student Membership  150RMB/year 230HKD/year

All CTL candidates in Mainland China and Hong Kong are eligible to join at the student membership rate until completing the CTL certification.

The China membership program is only available through ASTL-China.

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