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Sino-American Logistics Conference

The Sino-American Logistics Conference (SALCE), held annually in China since 2007, aims to promote cooperation between the United States and China in the Sino-American logistics and transportation fields. High level representatives from government departments, logistics companies, and research institutions from the United States and China participate in the conference where experts discuss the future of the supply chain industry and relevant, international issues. The inaugural conference was the first large-scale, high-level dialogue between the U.S. and China after China’s opening up of its logistics industry and continues to be the premier event for U.S. China logistics and supply chain. This is the first year where SALCE will be held in the U.S. giving attendees a rare opportunity to meet and network with government officials and industry leaders operating in China. SALCE has led to stronger bi-lateral collaboration allowing U.S. companies to meet potential Chinese distributors and allowing Chinese companies to expand their businesses in the U.S. This is also the first year that SALCE will be held concurrently with the Yangtze-Mississippi Strategic Cooperation Forum at the same time. As an added bonus, attendees of both conferences will have the opportunity to attend the Transportation Forum.


Yangtze-Mississippi Strategic Cooperation Forum

Held alternatively in China and the U.S. since 2010, the Yangtze-Mississippi Strategic Forum, held in conjunction with the SALCE, is the first high-level platform for dialogue between the U.S. and China regarding inland waterway transportation and economic development. The goal of the forum is to establish a high-level platform for communication between the stakeholders of the two rivers to share experiences, enhance economic cooperation and exchange ideas on the challenges and opportunities that both countries are facing to develop efficient, sustainable inland waterway transportation systems. Historically, the Mississippi and Yangtze Rivers have both contributed greatly to the growth of their respective countries’ economies through their abilities to move products efficiently and cheaply across many areas.  During this forum, the countries share experiences concerning the further development of shipping, logistics, and regional economic issues on inland waterways increasing communication and economic cooperation between the two regions. This year’s sessions include the development of inland logistics parks, port specialization, and investment opportunities in both regions.


U.S. China Transportation Forum

Co-located this year with SALCE and the Yangtze-Mississippi Strategic Forum, the US/China Transportation Forum (USCTF) was established during the 4th Strategic Economic Dialogue in Annapolis, Maryland after both nations signed a Joint Declaration on Transportation Cooperation. First held in 2008, the forum arose from the need for both China and the U.S. to address multi-modal transportation issues stemming from common challenges and a desire for mutually beneficial solutions. High level officials from the U.S. Department of Transportation, the China Ministry of Transportation, and some industry representatives collaborate to solve current transportation issues affecting both countries by creating working groups and signing Memorandums of Cooperation to address the challenges. This year’s forum includes site tours and will evaluate the progress of the five working groups addressing urban congestion, transportation of hazardous goods, disaster assistance, and new rail technologies.


Qian Yongchang


Chairman China Communications and Transportation Association former Minister of Communications (now Ministry of Transport)


Eddie Huang


McKinsey & Company

Shanghai office

Tang Guanjun


Director of Changjiang River Administration of Navigational Affairs, MOT

Dennis Wilmsmeyer


Executive Director

America's Central Port